Monday, December 17, 2007

we're bonding

Say what?!

My sister and I are bonding. It's so weird. It seems like yesterday she was a little bundle of joy. I did cartwheels when she was born because I was so happy that she was a girl! Then she got a little older, as did I (funny how that works, no?) and she was a little bratty toddler. Following this particularly painful stage was the elementary age...nothing incredibly exciting--I was in high school and very very very very very busy. I don't remember much.

But now...

She's THIRTEEN! When did that happen?!?!?! I'm not ready for this!! Not only is she now her own person and entirely immune to tickling (a skill I wish I'd pick up), but she's COOL. I want to be her friend. It's not that I didn't want to be her friend before, it just wasn't working out. It's hard for a teenager to befriend a little kid. It is much easier for a twenty-something to befriend a teenager, especially when they no longer live together...yay college!

Anyway, we've basically been participating in every imaginable activity together: old-school video games (super nintendo rocks my world!), new-school video games (what is this Wii business?), movies, SHOPPING---side note, this used to be my lil' sis's LEAST favorite activity but is now at least tolerable---, bantering, name it, we've laughed at each other doing it!

Life continues to surprise me. Praise the LORD!



Anonymous said...

i remember having a conversation last year about how you felt so disconnected from your sister and all that.....i said just give it a little time, it was the same way with my sister and happy to see that you have already been able to start seeing her as more friend than annying sister...(:

hrobins said...

Me, too. I pretty much love having you commenting on my blog. It makes me feel special! ;) I do remember that's amazing how fast things change!