Tuesday, December 18, 2007

holiday joys, the second

Today I would like to list my favorite Feast of the Incarnation decorations:
*smelly plastic garland that has been in a cardboard box all year (for its scent more than its appearance)
*our haphazard collection of ornaments including cheesy family "heirlooms"
*our fake, reusable tree with built-in lights (to which we add at least two more strings of lights)
*lights--NOT icicle lights
*our slightly creepy boy and girl bunny dolls with porcelain heads, hands, and feet
*my Merry Mancini Christmas piano book that not only decorates the piano at Christmas time, but from which I play the most beautifully-arranged jazz Christmas carols/hymns ever!
*last, but certainly not least...

EGGNOG GOBLETS. Oh, yes. Eggnog goblets. Though of course, eggnog is disgusting all by itself and must be accompanied by rum (I didn't just say that) to dilute the throat-clogging muck that is the favorite holiday "beverage."

Ew. Plain eggnog. And it gets all over the glass and doesn't come out even when you rinse it...

But cute goblets.

Anyway, there will be more holiday joy later. I'm feeling a list of my all-time favorite hymns and carols...


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