Wednesday, December 12, 2007

tis the season

So, last night was pretty awesome.

Four girls.

One table.


Yep. We had our own little FOTI (that's "Feast of the Incarnation," see below) celebration at Starbucks last night, and by "we" I mean my roommates and I and our very good friend who will be our roommate next year...anyway, we shared gifts, took tons of pictures of which I will hopefully be able to make a slideshow soon, drank coffee (or chai tea lattees...) and laughed a ton. I have to say that it was one of the best moments of the semester. My friend loved the vegetarian cookbook that I got her, so it's all good. =)

That's it for today. A lovely Feast of the Incarnation moment for you all.



Anonymous said...

i like you created an acronym for it! and that was a great night!! we should do that again next semester....hey when i have presents for you guys! (:

hrobins said...

Haha--it was fantastic. We should do it again even if there are no presents. Y'all are so great!