Monday, December 31, 2007

i can't believe i'm doing this

Yep. My new year's resolutions...or something. The thing with stuff like this is that I never actually do it and it just makes me feel like I can't accomplish anything. Which is so far from the truth!! But I will give it another shot. Here goes...

*Come up with more creative ways to get people talking about themselves
*Start something new
*Love others better
*Learn a seemingly useless skill
*Learn a skill that is actually useful
*Read, play, eat, travel, decorate, blog, and create---outside the box
*Make ONE plan for after college. Just one. There are so many things to decide, but if I could just figure out ONE I might actually survive the transition to graduate life...

Most of these are rather vague. I did this intentionally because if I make specific little goals...well, we've been through this already. It becomes another "thing to do" if I'm specific about it, and with all of the ambiguity I am more likely to stumble upon the completion of each goal. I much prefer the "stumble upon" method!

I hereby proclaim that the above stated goals/resolutions are complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and I intend to attempt each one during the year 2008. X Me


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