Thursday, December 27, 2007

i'm so thankful for Quizno's

Yes, I said it. Quizno's has saved me. Why?

Funny you should ask...





Out of respect for my family, I would like to say that it is not their fault. I am fully responsible for my own lack of plans as I am certainly old enough to make my own. I love them all and I think they're wonderfully interesting (?) people who complete me.

However, when one spends all of one's time with only three people, one begins to lose one's in point. Which is why I am so thankful for Quizno's, or as we call it affectionately, "the Q." I am currently working at said "Q" where I have worked faithfully for two and half years (when I wasn't at school). I'm only working about twenty hours a week, but that should pick up soon when two of my coworkers leave for vacation! I know how to do everything, the regular customers recognise me, and my boss adores me. It's not the best job ever created--I come home with the smell of onions all over my hands (which lingers for about a week) and the scent of dirty dish rag on my clothes--but I'm not just sitting on my kiester and I get a little cash. Granted, this cash will most assuredly be spent on textbooks for next semester, but at least I'm not dipping into my savings...

But I forgot to mention the best part! I get to spend my day (or five hours of it) with my fantastic coworkers! It's been great getting to know them. It's a whole new crew now than when I started--I have been at my location the longest, longer even than my employer, and only one other person, Nate, remains from before the change in regime--and they're fantastic. We actually had a little Christmas party last Sunday at Red Robin, and it was a spankin' good time! Lot's of funny stories and laughter, and we even made a list of all of the people that were hired during the year that did not make it to the party...twenty-one in all! (our humor is slightly less than proper...)

Without Quizno's, I would truly be at a loss for what to do with myself. I can only take so much reading and piano playing and singing, and only so much quality time with the fam. I need variety, and the Q DEFINITELY satisfies that need.

It's amazing what a random bunch of people can do.


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