Friday, February 1, 2008

surprised by...C.S. Lewis!

It's odd that I'm writing this now since I finished the book about two weeks ago, but I guess "better late than never" applies here! Two weeks ago I read C. S. Lewis's Surprised by Joy and I must say that it was the most beautiful work of his that I've read thus far. And I've read a lot of Lewis.

The concept is so simple--here is my life leading up to my conversion and the specific events which led to it--but his story is so interesting and well-written that I was having trouble putting it down! I've been reading Lewis's work since middle school so I was always aware that he was a great Christian writer. I read his essays and lectures and learned that he was a great thinker. Then, I read his autobiography and discovered that not only is he a great writer and thinker, but a very candid, honest man. He shared surprising details of his young life and revealed an unhappy relationship with his father and early death of his mother. Very beautifully written.

I have to say that while I have always enjoyed Lewis, and that while it pains my anti-conformist streak, I am now and forever a faithful fan of his work.


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