Thursday, February 14, 2008

singles awareness day

What color is the ribbon for that, anyway? Singles Awareness. Hmmmm. I got that from my Aural Skills professor this morning--our class (of mostly singles) had a very nice chuckle.

But really, Valentine's Day? I mean, I completely forgot about the holiday because I live in a box. I haven't been to a store since...umm...maybe early January, and of course they had stuff out already but I've slept since then! I have some serious and not-so-serious objections to Valentine's Day.

Objection #1
Why should we celebrate romantic love for one day of the year? If you love each other, celebrate it every day because you have something that many people are longing for. Enjoy it ALWAYS.

Objection #2
What about single people? The notion that you can give your friends little valentines and that this fills the empty void that rears its ugly head on SAD (Singles Awareness Day) is preposterous. Do you know what happens to those little valentines? I hold on to them for a week or so and thank the people who gave them to me--despite my grumblings, I do appreciate the thought, though I find it unnecessary--and then they end up in the recycling bin. Sorry, y'all.

Objection #3
It is obvious that someone wants me to get fat. I've been avoiding this since the beginning of my high school career (way WAY back) and I would like to keep up the trend of general fitness that I've enjoyed all of my life. But today I've eaten so many chocolates that when I was offered MORE chocolate by my beloved and very caring roommate earlier this evening, I said, "No thanks, I'm all chocolated out"!!

So basically, Valentine's Day is just plain weird. I'm all for having a day where we celebrate love, like worldwide LOVE, the kind that Jesus was talking about. Or something. Whatever, I'll stop whining now. Someday I'm going to be in love and Valentine's Day is going to be the greatest thing EVER...maybe...



Anonymous said...

you RECYCLED the valentine i gave you?!?!?!?!?!?! ):

hrobins said...

Okay, crazy, I obviously wasn't talking about nice, home-made valentines from your Valentine. So don't freak out--and hey, at least I would have RECYCLED it instead of THROWING IT AWAY like some people!