Friday, February 8, 2008

i wish...

Aside from it being the start of many a Sondheim tune (umm, Into the Woods, anyone?), "I wish" is also what I say today. I wish...that it was Spring.

I love Spring. Spring, Summer, and Fall are definitely my favorite season. Mostly Spring, followed shortly by Fall. I especially love my campus in the Spring because we have cherry trees with their little white blossoms, and lots of flowering bushes and giant flower beds. AND everyone sits outside to study and read, or we all get together and play games. Before finals in May, we all bring out our blankets and snacks and study for hours. I studied for ten hours outside one day last Spring and it was FANTASTIC (except for the studying part).

I wish it was Spring, but I know that my wishing and the mounting tension I feel between my desire to walk around barefoot and the reality of the frigid cold and snow will eventually vanish, and that when it does I will be the happiest gal around!

That said, I'm going sledding again tomorrow.


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