Tuesday, February 5, 2008

pre-Lenten babblings

I didn't really used to understand Lent. We didn't participate in Lent at my first church (way way back in the day), and the church at which I spent the majority of my formative years didn't really celebrate it appropriately. I don't remember much about it except that I always gave up chocolate, and my birthday was always during Lent, so my mom would let me "cheat" and have a chocolate cake on my birthday. It was a time of irritation for me more than anything else, and not much changed until last year.

Last year was my first year truly observing Lent. It was finally explained to me, and now that it has been made perfectly clear that Lent is preparation for Easter, it all makes sense. We fast and pray to prepare ourselves for the joy that comes from Christ's resurrection. It's amazing that I wasn't aware of this for so many years growing up in the church. I honestly don't believe that many of the people from my church knew what was happening!

Anyway, this year I am giving up Facebook...sigh...because I spend far too much time on it doing nothing important. I should be spending that time with the real people I have right next to me all day long! So don't look for me there!

I may post some updates on my Facebook fast. We'll see.


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