Thursday, February 7, 2008

sledding extravaganza!

As soon as I have pictures, they're totally going up. I went sledding tonight (last night? I dunno, four hours ago) with one of my seminary friends and a bunch of her friends that I hadn't met before. IT WAS AWESOME!

We went to this huge hill in a nearby town known as Mount Trashmore and went down it on normal sleds...and pool floating devices, Tupperware lids, Tupperware bins, those roll-up sleds...and it was crazy fun. The pool thing was the best because it was so incredibly smooth and you couldn't help but fly down the hill. Plus, it was so slippery that you almost fell off of it yourself and there was nothing to hold on to. A few of us went down on that lying down, or with two people---so great. There were also some very creative moments, like the trio of saucers or the two smallest girls trying to go down the hill in one of those bins that you keep craft supplies in...good times.

We were sledding for about an hour before three people we didn't know showed up (there were seven of us--now ten) and we started yelling with them and admiring each other's great sledding ideas. After about an hour of this, we went with these two guys and this girl (I think their names were Dave, Mike, and Maria, but I'm not sure) to IHOP. Turns out they're from a nearby school. It was super-fun hanging out with them, and the best part of the whole night is that it was just totally random. I got this surprise email from Sarah, then I tried to invite some friends and it didn't work out. Then I showed up and recognized one girl and met everyone else. After all of this fun randomness, we me these other people--then we all ended up at IHOP. Eating pancakes.

SO GREAT. I will remember this evening forever. I obviously could not detail everything here because it would take forever and I have class at 8:50 this morning, but you get the gist. Good time.



Nathan said...

I love sledding. But last time I went I think I broke my ass.'s this crazy big hill with a ditch at the bottom. I had a blast. Sounds like you guys did also.

A couple pics here.


hrobins said...

Yeah, it was amazing! I think we're going again soon. Sweet!