Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I've been working on this workshop that I'm writing. It's on plagiarism--different forms and how to avoid them--and I'm getting paid to write it! Although not very glamorous, this is my first paid writing job and I'm very excited! I am a bit nervous because I need a rough draft by Friday and there are still some large formatting issues that I need to figure out, but it should be fine. My supervisor is very chill and we're meeting in July to talk about it and make the necessary changes, so I'm not too worried.

Anyway, I was writing the other day for a little over an hour, then I went downstairs for a break and some milk. I got downstairs and realized that I just earned money by sitting in my chair doing the kind of thing I've done for years (and often enjoyed). And I loved it! Now, I'm entirely sure how the whole writing books and articles as a professor thing works, but I think that if it is even remotely like this, I could definitely enjoy that aspect of professing. I wasn't worried about classwork and grading and mentoring and such--those are broadly the appeal. I was a teensy bit worried about the academic writing bit. No longer. So yeah, this is how I spend my summer--reading, working, visiting friends, and writing workshops on plagiarism for first-year undergraduates. Yay!



Peter said...

I think it'd be hilarious if you plagarized a packed on plagarism. Please? That would make my day.

hrobins said...

Haha--the funniest part about that, Peter, is that I actually NEED to plagiarize so that I have examples of all of the different types of plagiarism. I just have to do it veeeerrry carefully...and eventually I do cite my sources. =)