Sunday, June 8, 2008

finally a schedule

I finally made a schedule for myself. It turns out that I have a really hard time with motivation when I don't have a lot to do, so I made a schedule. This should help me finish my tasks in a timely manner and add variety to my academic reading life (I've been in a bit of a rut lately--Eastern Orthodoxy being the top competitor for my inquiring mind) AND help me with the cabin fever issue (see below). So here it is--you'd better hold me to it!

1. Work on Dialogue plagiarism workshop
2. Read Augustine's Confessions
1. Study Greek
2. Read Theology of the Body
1. Work on the workshop
2. Theology of the Body
1. Greek
2. Confessions
1. Greek
2. Workshop
*other assorted necessary tasks

Of course, this is flexible enough to fit around my work schedule, and I do indeed have goals set for the completion of these tasks. So, much of it will change after my vacation in Seattle, but for now this is what my life will look like. I have it all written out on my fabulous little whiteboard--on the other whiteboard I have people's prayer requests (feel free to add). Both of these are within view of my desk in my OFFICE! Yes, I have an office. I commandeered the guest room in which there is no mattress (a bed, but no mattress) and put a desk and chair, a small bookshelf, a "guest" chair, and a lamp in it. It's beautiful, and I am going to miss it very much when I move in with my four roommates in August, but I think I'll definitely get over that. My girls are much more important than my space.

Schedule starts tomorrow! I can't wait!


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