Monday, June 9, 2008

its good to be second-in-command

When the owner of the establishment that I call my workplace first hired our manager Tracy, I was a bit upset. I had been doing all of those lovely manegerial tasks for just above minimum wage: phone calls, food orders, Pepsi orders, making the schedule, making actual decisions, being the one everyone called when they had problems...oh, yes. Life was grand.

Then came--


I was slightly offended, but honestly, I was leaving for school and what was Dave going to do without me? So he hired this totally fantastic woman who used to own a similar establishment, and she is so good at her job, it's scary. In fact, most of the high school employees are scared of her. Anyway, I went away for school and came back and this woman had turned my workplace into her empire. She rules. In both the literal and figurative enthusiastic-shouting kind of way. I've come to love her. Here's why.

Tracy does all of those pesky little things that I used to do, and does them better, and runs the store because the big boss is never around anymore. I still got a raise even though I started doing less work. On top of all of this greatness, I retained all of the fabulous perks that came with being the favorite, including my ability to dictate my schedule exactly the way I like it and to eat whatever I choose. AND, on those lovely occasions when Tracy goes on vacation, I still get to be the manager.

Call me the assistant manager. It's basically the best job. I have occasion to be the manager when she's out, but when I'm not being the manager, I don't have to make people hate me! No disciplining, writing horrible schedules, ordering the wrong food, or doing hardly anything wrong. Then, when I do get to be the manager, I make everyone's life by not being the real manager and they take me seriously while I'm in charge, and then complain to Tracy when she gets back. It's great.

No, really. I do love Tracy--she took my job, but hey! I wasn't going to be around and she's much better at it anyway. Also, I do love the responsibility and miss it, but I figure that it's the summer and I will have more than enough lovely responsibilty to cradle in my happy arms come August. So, I aim to thoroughly enjoy this week as the manager, after which I shall resume my assisant managership with pride and joy.


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