Thursday, June 24, 2010

ten things thursday

Ten things that made me smile (or giggle) this past week:

1. All of the people who were obviously terrified of the tornado siren that went off yesterday. I was at work and I received several phone calls about it, to which I wanted to reply, "You do know it's physically impossible for a tornado to touch down in the city of Chicago, right?"
2. I talked with Father Pat about Alaska and he told me some of the Orthodox and American history there. Thinking about visiting Cindy made me smile a LOT, and so did thinking about Saint Herman of Alaska, Patron of the Americas.
3. Old Swedes. They're funny to talk to, that's for sure.
4. I bought a book entitled The Birth Partner because I'm thinking about becoming a doula and I thought it would be a good idea to read some of the required texts before I made any serious commitment--I love it!
5. Being in the "Pregnancy & Family" section of Barnes & Noble and getting a weird look from a lady who obviously thought I was too young and obviously single to be pregnant (which I'm not). I've learned to laugh about these things. =)
6. I've discovered the joy of peeling sunburned skin. This is only the second time I've had such a privilege, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
7. I'm so excited to be an Orthodox catechumen!
8. I've been helping Greg organize his office, and it seems that we're finished. We did such good work! Yay!
10. I spent one morning this week sleeping in, eating gourmet bagels and cream cheese with good coffee, and reading the paper. I think I should do that at least once a week, seeing as I found it to be GREAT!

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