Friday, June 11, 2010

ten things thursday...

Yeah, it's been awhile, but I'm back in the blogging world, so I'll do my best to actually do this on Thursday, but if I don't...well, sucks to be you, I guess. ;-)

Ten things that made me smile (or laugh hysterically) this past week:
1. My roommate Leann telling our new roommate Karolyn the story about when Reid was a little kitten and she peed and pooped all over the bottom lining of Leann's boxsprings. I had no idea she was such an animated story-teller.
2. Buying and potting plants--see below.
3. Meeting cute families and their kids at markets. I also enjoyed meeting crusty, grumpy old people at my market.
4. I took Lake Shore Drive home yesterday from work during rush hour and it was exponentially more enjoyable than any other route I could have taken--here's to driving by the lake!
6. I wrote a letter to a friend that I have yet to mail, but it was a lot of fun writing it and making the envelopes.
7. I went to potluck for the first time in a month and it was nice to catch up with a few people and Heather (Greg's wife) talked to me for the first time--yay!
8. Reid decided to lay in the litter box last night, just for fun. Kinda gross, I know, but it was hilarious to watch three women trying to figure out if she was trying to do some business or just hanging out---it was the latter. Weirdo.
9. Going to Gathsemane with Luke and listening to him talk about his favorite plants and the things he's learning in Botany I. His excitement for his interests fuels my excitement for my own interests, and vice versa, so we usually just skyrocket each other into hopes-and-dreams frenzy. =)
10. I got to give Greg homework on Wednesday. It was every little kid's dream fulfilled--my former professor and I kneeling on the floor of his office while he patiently listened to me and wrote down his assignment for the week. I was glowing, and I know that with my (paid) help his office will be in shape in no time!

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