Friday, June 11, 2010

potting madness!!

(Haha--as I look at this post's title, I'm thinking of how funny it would be if one could pot madness as if it were a plant...why anyone would, I have no idea...)


I wish my camera were of a higher quality and far less annoying. I swear my battery dies the minute I charge it up. My blog feels so dead without pictures! Oh, well. The point is, in the last week I've purchased and potted a ridiculous amount of plants. Here is their story:

Tuesday: The roommates and I had one last (and possibly our only?) bonding experience before Erin shipped out to Vermont for the summer. We went to Lincoln Square farmers' market in the rain, feet wet, umbrellas poking everyone else's umbrellas, envying the vendors in their cozy little tents. I purchased nothing to eat except crepes at a nearby cafe (Cafeneo, if you're familiar), but I did purchase lavender, rosemary, red leaf basil, and Giovannese basil (or whatever the giant-leaved Italian basil is called). Yay!

Apparently that wasn't enough. Luke was being a grumpy-puss because I didn't invite him to the farmers' market in the rain, which is apparently his favorite time to go to them, so when I got home, we went to Gathsemane gardens in Andersonville. I hadn't intended to buy anything, but then I saw that they had stevia and knew that I MUST have it, and later came across French sorrel, which happens to be one of my favorite salad greens. Well, it was fate, and I bought the two of them and a few pots, some soil, and a trowel.

So far, the total number of purchased plants is six. In addition, I have chamomile and spearmint seedlings doing very well, and savory which may or may not survive a recent drought (ahem--the kind where his owner forgot to water him), and one weird-looking and kind of ugly shamrock-like plant, and some ivy.

Total number of plants: 9
Total number of available potting spaces: 7


Looks like I need to buy some more pots. However, until such time as they are absolutely necessary, I will thoroughly enjoy the herb garden that would now be sunning itself in my room were it not for the overcast skies. Mmm...

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