Thursday, June 17, 2010

ten things thursday!!

I did it! It's Thursday!!

Ten things that made me smile this week...
1. LUKE GOT MEDICARE! It's been quite the insurance-hunting saga, but Luke has now qualified for rather generous Medicare and will likely qualify for Medicaid and a disability check as well. He's looking at a kidney transplant in August or September.
2. Going to Alaska is actually starting to feel real--I'm covering my shifts and finding people to look after my cats, plants, car, and piano-watering job while I'm away. YES!
3. Luke's friend (and now mine), Bethany, is in from Atlanta for the week and she's a bundle of joy. I had soup with her yesterday afternoon and it was lovely. I sure am gonna miss her when she leaves.
4. I called my grandma and it wasn't awkward! We had a good talk and exchanged addresses so we could mail each other stuff.
5. Greg did a lot of good work on his office this week and we were able to make significant progress in there. He paid me, too, which is always nice.
6. North Park has surprised me by letting the grass grow by the river where there used to be trees, so now what was once an eyesore has become a place of beauty, and full of bachelor's buttons and another wildflower that I have not yet had occasion to identify.
7. What Grace said to me about being a new sister of the Orthodox Church made me feel really special and I smiled for days.
8. New Glarus Raspberry Tart Ale.
9. We had a ton of rain this past week and I just loved it. Rain is probably one of my favorite things, so I felt pretty blessed to spend most of the last week drenched in rainwater.
10. I was late for work today because I didn't hear my alarm go off, but my friends waited patiently for me and gave me an orange for breakfast anyway. =)

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