Monday, June 14, 2010

i am sooooo cool

Why? Because I beat everyone else at the bridal shower game we played yesterday, that's why!

It all started when I drove Christina and Luke to church yesterday. We were getting out of the car and Christina said, "So, are you going to Claire's shower today?"

Well, I had not really remembered it, and the prospect of doing anything at all on a Sunday afternoon sounded the opposite of appealing, so I hesitated...but I thought I should. I told Christina I would go.

I picked her up in the afternoon and we drove in silence to the shower. I had just woken up from a nap and was thus a little groggy, so we didn't have much to talk about. We were the first ones there and we helped add a bunch of seats to the table. Finally, some other women started to arrive, and we all were given clothespins and told that if anyone said "wedding", they needed to relinquish their clothespin to whomever caught them in the act.

"Okay, cool," I thought casually.

Well, two and a half hours later, I was the proud bearer of no less than FIVE clothespins which I snatched from women of all ages who had slipped and said "wedding". I was sly. I was sneaky. I was good. The girl across the table from me was giving me a run for my money and almost caught up with me, but she was caught saying the magic word and ended up with only three.

The coolest part is the prize: I won three glass-blown watering globes for my potted plants!!! They're light blue, bright green, and dark blue in color, and I just fill them and stick them in my pots and they're supposed to slowly water my plants for two weeks. I'm so excited!!

Don't feel too bad for the girl I beat--she won an arbitrary prize of some sort simply by having a post-it note under her chair. Hurray for bridal showers!


Cindy said...

I love those watering globes! They practically saved my hanging plant this winter! I also love your new countdown :)

hrobins said...

They're so pretty. And I suck at watering things, so hopefully these will help me avoid killing all of my plants.

Yes, le countdown is fantastique!