Thursday, February 25, 2010

ten things thursday

1. I AM NOW A SUPPORTING MEMBER OF GRANT PARK FESTIVAL CHORUS! This is a big deal. I had a great audition on Monday and they can't hire me as a regular member yet (not enough "experience"), but I'm a supporting member! This means that they'll call me if they need me--they'll need me.
2. My recital is this weekend. I'm so glad that all of the logistics will finally be over. It's unfortunate that such a fun event gets overcome by a barrage of emails, phone calls, cancellations, illnesses, frustrations, and anything that interrupts this process which then causes a further barrage of emails, phone calls, etc. So, YAY!
3. I got a really cute bubble umbrella at Target on Monday for my audition. I didn't have an umbrella of my own and I knew I didn't want one of the stupid normal ones that doesn't do ANYTHING in Chicago weather--hello, wind. I know it's called the windy city for the politics, but it really is really windy...anyway, bubble does the trick.
4. On the same trip to Target, I also purchased a wonderful green yoga mat with a tree printed on it. I'm taking Lunchtime Yoga at Old Town starting next Wednesday and I'm really looking forward to it.
5. Cindy emailed me today and I got really excited about her visit!!! I miss her, she's awesome, and we're gonna hang. SWEET!
6. I was out of milk but I finally got some today--the good raw stuff. It's amazing how pleasing the little things can be.
7. My mom has been great this week. She sure can drive me crazy, but she's still great. =)
8. I'm borrowing an Aquinas prayer book from my friend Monica and I absolutely love it. It's revitalizing my prayer life.
9. Lent. I suck at fasting and I'm not as focused as I was last year, but in some ways I think that's a good thing. I am turning back to God in ways that were not possible the rest of the year, and for that, I am grateful.
10. JoJo has been systematically hunting down and sitting/laying on everything I've been working on this week. Right now he's sitting on our massive electric bill as if to say, "Hey, man, don't worry! This is the last big one you'll see since they turned the radiators on!" Which, actually, is much more encouraging than his usual message: "ME, ME, ME! Why are you paying attention to this thing I'm laying on than to ME?"

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