Sunday, February 21, 2010

ten things thursday: sunday edition

Why is this so late? Check out the previous post. It will all make sense.

1. The sun let its happy face shine for several days this week, and not even that pathetic flicker through the clouds, but really shine. I got warm in my coat!
2. A naturalist was invited to Prairie Home Companion yesterday to tell the Midwest the little ways that we know spring is coming--apparently the owls are mating. It's a big deal.
3. Small group. It's just the best. We laugh so hard every Friday.
4. Yesterday, aforementioned small group had a dinner/movie event. We ate homemade pizza and watched Ferris Beuller's Day Off and I almost peed my pants from laughing SO HARD.
5. I was finally able to print my orchestration project despite several failed attempts.
6. I didn't sing at student recital this week for the first time in a month! Yay!
7. I did laundry on Wednesday for the first time in...well, in a really long time. No need to discuss the actual number of weeks or anything...
8. I got paid on Friday.
9. My mom is great and helped me out with some trouble I was having on Wednesday, and it was such a relief.
10. For our final project in orchestration, we have the option of orchestrating an original work of our own. I wrote a piano piece in the first semester of my freshman year, and now I will orchestrate it in the second semester of my senior year. I am actually really excited about this project!!

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