Friday, February 12, 2010

ten things thursday: friday edition

Yeah, yeah, I forgot again. It's been a crazy week.

1. JoJo rubbing his face on my arm right now as I'm trying to type. Seriously, this ridiculously grumpy cat just makes my day too often to say.
2. Reba was again amazing--I shared in my small group about my reconciliation with Alethea for the first time, and David (small group leader) ended up asking some really great questions. It was so great.
3. Julie Bentley master class was AWESOME. I was nervous and exhausted so I wasn't really looking forward to it, but it ended up being just wonderful and I sang pretty well and made great progress.
4. Dad and I had a small miracle. My car wouldn't start, so we called my ex-mechanic grandfather, and he told us to try starting it fifteen times in a row. We thought, "Yeah, right. He's crazy. That's the definition of crazy!" But we tried it anyway. Lo and behold, fifteen clicks of the starter later and my car was fixed. Go figure.
5. Small group!! I love it. I love everyone in it. I love that it's a blessing that just sort of dropped into my life.
6. Speaking of dropping into people's lives, I'm quite grateful that Greg has let me drop in to his. I had a beautiful meeting with him on Wednesday which I would love to talk with y'all about if you want to hear it. The point is that he has been another surprise blessing and I am so happy that he cares about me.
7. Oh yeah, and we got fourteen inches of snow earlier this week. The first two days were SO PRETTY when the snow was still white and fresh! I couldn't believe how quiet it was the morning after the snow began. Snow silence...
8. My girl Gina has commissioned me to make her a big floppy tam in two "cute-ass" colors. 'Nuff said.
9. Monica. She just makes me smile. We had lunch today and it was wonderful bonding for us. I hope that we will get to hang out some more soon!
10. I reread Matilda these past few nights. It sounds weird, but it's terribly comforting to me especially when things are emotionally tiring. I laugh at how much I thought I was like her when I was younger. Tee-hee!

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