Friday, February 5, 2010

ten things thursday: friday edition

So, I forgot yesterday. So, what?

1. My mom called and told me she doesn't want me to work so much because I'm a kid and should play more. She's sending me more money soon. Yay, Mom!
2. My friend Heather (yes, really) lent me a switch timer for my electric blanket so I can have it turn on at 4:00am until about 6:00am because that's when I FREEZE. I've been getting much better sleep since then.
3. I went to Reba on Monday! Much to my surprise, I ran into quite a few people I've met before and/or know well, which was encouraging. I could say a lot about this experience, but I don't have space here. It was great! (Hi, Helen and Rick. ;-))
4. My senior recital was approved yesterday! That was the last hurdle, so now I can just focus on having tons of fun in three weeks!
5. I also qualified for the Performance Awards finals, which are the evening before my recital, and I can't wait! They'll be lots of fun.
6. Also in the world of singing, I sent in my resumee and head shot to Grant Park Chorus and my audition was just scheduled today for Monday the 22nd. OMG.
7. I went to my new small group for the first time today and I think it will be great. I can tell that I am already feeling safe with these people and we had such a beautiful time together this morning. Great!
8. I finally got a violinist for my recital! That was such a long saga...oy. I'm so glad it's over, and not only that, but my violinist is also wonderful! We're getting along really well and I don't foresee any future problems.
9. My run-through last Sunday was fantastic. That might be why my jury was so fantastic on Thursday. The "problem" pieces that we put on the form were hardly problems, so this next three weeks should be a breeze.
10. I met with Greg on Wednesday and we nailed down my research topic for this semester. That would be great all by itself, but he also seems really excited about it. It's so much better when your professor is excited about your work. =)


Cindy said...

Wow, those are some great things!

And, YOU GOT INTO THE PERFORMANCE AWARDS FINALS??!?!!!? Congratulations! I miss hearing you sing :)

hrobins said...

Thanks, love! I'm excited. I have a great dress and a great aria, so it will be fun even if I end up sucking. ;-) I LOVE YOU! How many days?