Thursday, February 11, 2010

pompous profs

I really don't want this to be a super-bitchy, whine-y blog, but some people are just pompous. There's a guy at my church (yep, it just got ten times worse) who's really smart. He a philosopher. I think that's great--I have a lot of very intelligent friends who are biblical scholars, philosophers, So what's my beef? I assigned myself to be one of the Writing Advisors for this guy's class, and I'm already regretting it. He sent us an email at 10:00pm telling us that a batch of papers is ready for us and can be picked up tomorrow and conferences are to be held next week, and also, could we print out our sign-up sheets and deliver them to him at the all-class lecture tomorrow morning? That'd be great, thanks. I'm giving you twelve hours. No big deal.

In case you're not getting it, which is understandable because you're probably not a writing advisor, this is a problem because 1) responsibility is clearly not his strong point, meaning that the rest of the semester is not likely to be very pleasant, 2) conferences take time, as in, approximately seven hours which is a lot when you work 25hrs and are in school full time, and 3) he apparently expects us to just be able to cater to his every whim, like printing out a schedule that we weren't expecting to make twelve hours before we need to drop it off at a lecture we weren't planning on being at, because he apparently can't print the damn thing off himself (oh, and 'we' live off-campus w/o a printer). I mean, really. We're not your minions. Treat me like a colleague, or hell, even like an intelligent human being who is in all other ways inferior to you, and I'm fine. Treat me like garbage, and I will p'own you (namely, I'll send you a polite and well-worded email that carefully masks my frustration). For shizzle.

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