Friday, March 5, 2010

ten things thursday

2. MY SENIOR RECITAL IS OVER!!!! (this one is so good that I just had to give it two spots on the list)
3. Today, I successfully completed my Orchestration class, which was my last music class. Also, my piece did not have to be horribly sight-read by a bunch of tired musicians. Yay!
4. ComEd is stupid. This sounds like a bad thing, but really, it means that our electric bill for February should be much less than ComEd thinks it is. We'll know sometime next week.
5. I'm on Spring Break! As of 3:30 today, my spring break began, and I will spend it working and sleeping and reading a watching too many movies!
6. I won second place at Performance Awards! This means that I'll get a check for around $200 at the end of April, and also I will sing at the Honors Convocation. Pretty cool. Everyone thinks I should have gotten first place over our one instrumentalist, but that would never happen--based on School of Music politics, everything happened exactly the way I expected it to.
7. Reba is awesome. Nothing special this week, I just had a lovely Monday potluck/small group/seminar. Yay!
8. Leftovers. My mom made yummy Italian beef for lunch when she brought our family up for the recital on Saturday, and I only got half of the leftovers but they've fed me all week.
9. Spring!!! I've been able to wear slightly lighter clothing and I thought today that I might want to take the stupid plastic off of our windows soon. I hope my roommates don't just decide to do it whenever and then proceed to complain about it being cold...that would not surprise me. ;-)
10. Since I'm finished with my recital and with Orchestration, I now have the time that I've always wanted to spend on my philosophy classes! I won't know what to do with myself, but I'm sure I can stay busy for eight more weeks. Graduation is coming!
11. CINDY-LOU! She's a-comin'! I still have to reply to her email, but we're going to have a Cindy-Heather date while she's in town (for like, a day) and it will be awesome! I get to have eleven things this week because my recital is over. =)

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