Thursday, July 15, 2010

ten things thursday

Ten things that made me smile this past week.

1. I went on a ride-along with Kip and I got to inspect the interior of a squad car while simultaneously learning what I can reasonably expect to get away with while driving...and was further impressed with Cindy's choice of mate. Kip is a really great guy.
2. Putting Tillamook in his harness...priceless. I've never seen a cat behave in such a bizarre manner, and it was endlessly funny.
3. Thanks to the ever-astonishing generosity of the Cheshires, I rode home in high style--first class all the way! It was at once humbling, tearful, amazing, fun, intoxicating (literally), and just plain enjoyable. I watched Date Night for free, ate tasty free food, and drank tasty free liquor, all while sitting on comfy seats and NOT poking my neighbor with my knitting needles. =)
4. Luke gave me flowers and a large bottle of Wisconsin Belgian Red by New Glarus to welcome me home to the prairie state. He made sure that all of the flowers and grasses were native to Illinois since I had been in Alaska for so long.
5. My roommates had to put my cat down the day before I came home, which is definitely NOT happy, but we already have a new cat and he's adorable. I'm not saying that LeRoy will replace JoJo, but he has helped me to cope with the loss of my little furry friend.
6. I finished a scarf made from one of the hanks I purchased at Skeins from Raven Frog Fibers! It's just as beautiful (and hot) as I'd hoped. I'm glad to get an early start on Christmas gifts.
7. One of my favorite Alaskan activities with Cindy was when we went to Fred Meyer and squealed and fawned over all of the adorable baby clothes! I helped Cindy pick out onesies and jeans, and we found some adorable little outfits, but decided it would be a good idea to wait to find something cuter. Plus, Bean's gender is a mystery, so his or her birth will clear that up making it easier to buy clothes.
8. I smiled every day that is was chilly while I was in Juneau. I didn't notice as much then, but now being back in Chicago, I miss it a whole lot. It's 90 degrees here today, with a humidity of only 70%. Yay for Juneau's chilliness!
9. FROOOOOOOOOO-YOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A pregnant and non-pregnant woman's dream come true! Cindy, Kip, and I patronized the frozen yogurt place in Juneau more than I care to admit, and there are few small cares more smile-inducing than creating your own frozen yogurt treat, priced by the ounce. Fantastic!
10. I got several emails when I was in Alaska from people who didn't know I was in Alaska, and the response was always the same, "Alaska?! Wow! Enjoy!" Tee-hee. I sure did. =)


Cindy said...

I like your list :)

Also, I had to take Tillamook out of the harness because it was rubbing a little patch of fur off, but I'll put him back in when he needs to go outside next..which means that I'll get to witness him trying to get out of it again. Maybe this time I'll take a video and send it to you.

Photos of LeRoy, please!!!!

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