Thursday, July 8, 2010

ten things thursday, Juneau edition

Ten things that made me smile this past week:

1) Seeing the scenic viewpoint where Kip proposed to Cindy!! Also, watching Cindy tell the story was really really cute.
2) Taking fantastic pictures of EVERYTHING for my mom, who loves all things Northwest and mountainous.
3) I bought what I consider to be absolutely the most beautiful yarn ever at Skeins (which is the best yarn store ever) and it has made me considerably happy.
4) As much as I like rain, a week of clouds hiding the tops of the mountains and a complete lack of blue sky and even a hint of sun will bring anyone down. The sun finally came out, and it's BEAUTIFUL!
5) I've discovered the joy of making tons of people feel special by sending postcards galore!
6) House Season 5, all the time.
7) Kip and I played Super Mario Wii the other night for two hours while Cindy watched, crocheting. It was a lovely bonding experience for me and Kip, and just a fun night all 'round.
8) Alaskan Amber beer. 'Nuff said.
9) We went to the Independence Day parade in downtown Juneau on the 4th and I learned a lot about Juneau culture. Also, it was a ton of fun and we cheered for Kip who was carrying a flag, and collected some candy when it made it past the little children.
10) We found the Orthodox Church and I bought an icon! We're going to at least one service this weekend, and I think that will make me feel more at home than anything.

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