Friday, July 11, 2008

whirlwind week

Whew! The last week was a doozy! It began Thursday, July 3rd. I had two appointments that morning and I spent the rest of the day packing for my trips. We left early Friday morning for my maternal grandmother's house and I put together ceiling fans and collected yarn all day, and totally forgot it was the fourth of July and paid no attention to the fireworks. Saturday morning we drove even farther south to drop my sister off with my paternal grandparents so she could go with them to church camp. My parents and I came home, then my mom drove me to the train station and I went to the city. Once there, I met my roomates and Mel's sister at The Soup Box, went to concert, went to school, and visited Matthew at work.

Sunday= All Saints', book club, beach (so AWESOME!), dinner at the Huddle House, park
Monday= Threshold meeting, coffee w/Joel, dinner w/Jaron, sitting around w/Christina and Matthew
Tuesday= Meeting w/writing supervisor, Cafeneo w/girls, was supposed to have coffee w/Boaz, dinner w/Matthew, rounds, ice cream, movie, sleep
Wednesday= house-sitting orientation, visiting Josh, visiting Joel w/Josh, visiting Matthew, home

So, yeah. I was completely booked for one week. It was GREAT. And now I get to go back Monday and stay for two whole weeks! I'm house-sitting for my supervisor while she and her husband disappear to somewhere, and that puts me about six blocks from campus, which is great since up till now I've been forty-five miles from campus. I am looking forward to this so much!

The best part about this is that it wouldn't have been possible if I had not lost my job. This is a great opportunity for me to learn to keep a house by myself and also hang out with all of the people I love on a more regular basis. I would have spent this two and half weeks just waiting for my next visit (July 24th-27th) and working. Granted, the money would have been nice, but this is so much better than that! Praise God!!



Anonymous said...

neato about your house-sitting opportunity. Is that for Carol?

I've been ill of late. no fun.

Glad to hear you're doing well/finding contentment with your lack of employment!


hrobins said...

Indeed it is. God is so good--I'm just absolutely amazed. Like, I look back at this year and see all of the ways that he has surprised me, and all of the ways that I've failed, and I can't help but worship. So awesome. But yes, Carol and her husband are going out of town (she wouldn't say where when I asked) and my responsibility is to not kill her plants.

Sorry to hear you're ill! Get well soon, my friend. I'll give you a call sometime this week so we can catch up.