Sunday, July 20, 2008

three weeks

Somehow the whole summer has finally boiled down to three weeks.  Exactly three weeks from today, I will have returned to campus to stay (though likely a bit sooner, but it's a secret!).  Time just passes so quickly when you're trying not to think about it!!  I know I recently counted the actual days until my return, but I didn't keep track after that, and now I must keep track because I have deadlines approaching, as well as events, various work-related tasks, and logistical planning.

This weekend will be very busy.  I have to set up for Vikings In Progress (aka "VIP"--early orientation) on Thursday, attend and play significant roles in VIP on Friday and Saturday (7-3), babysit Saturday night (6-9), go to church and move out of Carol's place on Sunday, and then my roommates and I are having a dinner party Monday night for twelve people.  So, yeah.  The schedule will definitely pick up then.  

Then, I return to my parents house.  Surprisingly, this will likely turn into the most hectic time of all since I have to pack all of my stuff and figure out how I'm getting all of it from home to school, and when, and which vehicles/parents to take with me, exactly what day to move up, etc.  

Sometime during all of this mess I have to finish various smaller projects for Threshold, read ahead for the class for which I'm the PAA (Peer Academic Advisor), buy textbooks, practice studio repertoire, practice my fast-approaching-concert repertoire, and finish the workshop I'm writing.  

That's more like it!


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