Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the wild white yonder - part I

I have decided to tell this story through a small series of posts as a three-day weekend with a mass of maniacal choristers could take a very long time. Here is the first...

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a university at which a peculiar group of students gathered and formed a choir. Said choir was designed to be the "premier" group on campus (though I would beg to differ) and as such was charged with the task of raising money for the university by touring in the far-off land of Minnesota. One student tells her story...

So, I was sick for two days before I even got on the bus, and of course the second day of my illness it decided to be below zero with windchill. The third day, we boarded a rather lovely although bright blue coach bus for Minneapolis. The first couple of hours were fun. We watched a movie (I honestly don't remember what it was, but it was one of the only movies I actually watched on the bus) and drank coffee and waited to get off the darn thing and stretch our legs. I did some homework, listened to music, talked with the people around me. Not a bad morning.

Lunch was great. I went to Burger King with a good friend of mine and we were the only people on the bus to eat lunch there. It was fantastic! We got back on the bus and enjoyed some more movie-watching (Rush Hour this time, and I didn't really watch it), reading, munching, and dozing. Then, around five o'clock, we arrived in Minneapolis--right on time. My director and two friends of mine and I went to Applebee's for dinner--SO GREAT. It was quite funny to watch the rest of the choir trickle in in pods after us. We ended up filling about half of the restaurant, but we didn't even try to sit all together. Anyway, we had some very good discussion and wonderful food. Turns out my director eats much more than any of us could have guessed, but I'm not allowed to say how much...it's a lot, trust me.

After dinner we went to the church where our host families would pick us up and where we would sing the next day. It was beautiful even at night, but I will give a detailed description in the next post. My host family picked my roommate and I up at the church and we rode home in toasty splendor, had hot apple cider in toasty splendor, and slept in a splendorifically toasty bed. I emphasize the toasty splendor only because the bus was a rolling freezer. Like, an actual freezer (and I was still blowing my nose into light-headed oblivion). Like, you could have stuck my toes in a microwave and cooked 'em like mini corndogs. And the back of the bus was apparently worse, however, after hearing of its extreme cold I decided to forego that particular experience.

More later.


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