Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i am writing this from my computer

Hooray!! FINALLY! I am sitting at my desk, in my office, in front of my computer, typing this very message. It's been about two weeks and I had no idea that I was so dependent on my laptop. If you've been keeping up with posts, you'll know that after some trouble in November, my hard drive finally died three days before I came back to school. We ordered a new hard drive, I had it installed last Tuesday, and just when everything was looking up, I hit another roadblock. My little computer wasn't recognizing ANYTHING--my sound card, my wireless card, my ethernet jack...you name it.

I took the little baby back to computer services today (no less than one week from the diagnosis of the problem, yay me and my imaginary free time) and they said, "Oh, no problem. We'll just download the drivers from the internet." Hmmm. So I told them I didn't have the internet, which led to paper-signing, sad good-byes, and my laptop was left in the care of computer services for an indefinite amount of time.

Two hours later I received and email alerting me to the resolution of my problems. And here I sit. On the internet, on my computer, at my desk, in my office, writing. It's a beautiful day.


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