Friday, July 23, 2010

ten things thursday

Ten things that made me smile this past week:

1. Got back on Facebook. I was embarrassed at first, but after I got into it a bit, I realized it was great to be back. I had a good year (+) without it, and I'm mildly proud of myself for that, but the fact is that people use it to communicate. If I want to communicate with those people, then that's my best option. So, hooray!
2. I realized the other day that my beloved Monica is coming back soon from camp! It'll probably be three more weeks or so, but I can't wait!
3. I found out yesterday that I have to whole apartment to myself this entire weekend! I love that, even if I'm not really going to be home all that much. I can freely sit on the couch, watch whatever I want, walk around naked, and bake if I want to without a certain roommate whining too much about the heat (while she sits in her air-conditioned bedroom...not that I'm pissy about it or anything...)
4. The "Spaulding Place" peeps and I played Settlers of Catan last Saturday and we all about peed our pants with laughter. I'm glad to be back in touch with them.
5. LeRoy crawled up into my lap this morning as I drooled and stared at the wall rather than waking up. He's becoming quite comfortable in our house. The way he sat was precious, though---he was all folded in half like a slumped rag doll with his paws sticking out every which way. Cute.
6. I've been looking at wedding photos on Facebook (I know, I'm a stalker), and they're making me happy in a special, heart-warming, goose-bumpy kind of way.
7. Just about every time I think to myself, "I really miss Cindy and Kip!", one of them sends me a text. Kip sent me a photo-text of his fro-yo the other day. It had Sour Patch kids on it. YUM.
8. Thinking about fro-yo.
9. Despite the fact that it's supposed to be 95 degrees today with a "heat index" (whatever that is) of 103, I slept like a baby last night without air conditioning, and my fans chilled me sufficiently to the point that I needed to huddle up under a blanket for the last hour of my sleepy-time.
10. Luke ordered moving boxes that should be arriving today which means that I can actually PACK! I'm excited to be a nomad for a little while. I'll just take what I can fit in my car and live wherever. I'm young and single--perfect timing, right?


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