Saturday, January 23, 2010


Where do weekends go? You think, "This is great! I have so much free time!" and then it's gone. I have four-day weekends every week because I don't have class MWF but it doesn't seem to matter. Oh, well.

Yesterday, I went down to UserCentric to do a cell phone survey. They walked me through a series of tasks on a phone and asked me what I thought about them and if I thought they were easy enough. After and hour of this, they gave me an envelope of cash! Then I went grocery shopping (ick).

Today, I had Josh and Matt and our new friends Gina and Monica over for lunch, for which I made--of course--pasta. It was lovely. We all sat around talking and laughing together, and I think we'll all have a great time hanging out together. We're going to try to read together, meaning primarily that we will sit in the same room while we read, occasionally groaning in frustration.

Good times.

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Anonymous said...

Oo I didn't hear about reading together. I hope I can come too even though I left early on Saturday!