Friday, January 8, 2010


I couldn't resist putting up some of these photos that predate my new apartment. I didn't upload many photos this summer because I couldn't find the cable and didn't bother looking too hard since I was moving again in three months...anyway, there may be some repeats here, but it's been at least a good six months so I don't think boredom should be much of a problem. We'll go back in time, starting with the most recent (why not?).

Grumpy JoJo. When he wants attention, he simply plops directly on top of whatever it is that's drawing your attention away from him. In this case, my roommate had deemed the assessment of papers more important than cuddle-time with JoJo, and as you can see, he didn't appreciate that very much.

When we went out to the east coast for Cindy and Kip's wedding (ahem, ...Just Alaska--check it out) we spent a day down in Boston visiting friends who are working on their master's degrees at Boston College. This is a tree in the park in which we relaxed after lunch. They were embarrassed to have little to show us but their "regular lives". Um...if my "regular life" included sitting under this tree all the time, I would be proud to show it off!

I don't like a whole lot of my self-portraits, but this one is really nice. I'm wearing my favorite hippie dress with my hair in my favorite hippie French braids...okay, not so hippie, but they're still my favorite!

This is the alley next to the apartment I lived in this summer. I had a really wretched summer, but perhaps it would have been less so if I'd appreciated the beauty that surrounded me!

These birdhouses were in my "backyard". I really liked them. I can't believe how photogenic things are when they're green! I should try shooting some snow-covered bushes and see how much I like them in the summer...


Cindy said...

I love that self portrait too! It's gorgeous (because of its subject, obv).

65 days until I come visit you!!!!!!!

hrobins said...

Haha, thanks love! YAY 65 DAYS!!!!

By the way, I think you're gorgeous, too. ;-)

~PakKaramu~ said...

Visiting your blog