Sunday, January 17, 2010


Is it irrational to be excited about the fact that it may actually approach forty degrees this week? Context: I've lived in the area my whole life and I know that it won't actually get warm until April, but we always have at least one "beautiful" (higher-than-20) week in Jan/Feb and shouldn't I get to enjoy it?


Cindy said...


Go wear flip flops and leg warmers when it gets above freezing. That's what I always did. Enjoy it!

hrobins said...

So, it turns out that there's this phenomenon called "the January thaw". It's really a thing! I'm not surprised at all, and if I had put two and two together I probably would have figured it out--there's always a week or so in the middle of winter during which the temperature rises above freezing (in the Midwest). Do you remember that day early in February last year? I wore my sundress and sandals because it was over sixty degrees that day. And then it froze.