Thursday, January 28, 2010

ten things thursday

Ten things that made me smile last week (in no particular order).

1. JoJo has been especially cuddly, which makes me feel especially special. Also, he initiated a play fight with Reed the other day which I have NEVER seen. Now I don't think Reed is annoying him, and I don't think JoJo is such a grump!
2. I am understanding MacIntyre's After Virtue! Yay!
3. Everyone in my life who went to the hospital in the last forty-eight hours is okay.
4. RADIATORS! My landlords finally decided to turn on the radiators because everyone in our building was freezing! Our apartment still has radiators, but some don't, so the ones that didn't have them anymore were given new ones. The management company was trying to switch to electric heat so the tenants would have to pay for it, but the heaters didn't work up to city code. =)
5. Funny old people looking up Swedish cities on the atlas while I try to do my homework.
6. Having Matt, Josh, Gina, and Monica over for lunch last Saturday. Gina thanked me again very cutely in class and it made me smile.
7. Going to Margie's to get ice cream on Christina's birthday! It was so yummy, and we all had so much fun laughing and telling stupid stories together.
8. Listening to Obama's State of the Union address on NPR while playing stupid games online so I could focus. I also knit while listening to the radio, but sometimes it's fun to play little mindless games for variety.
9. Realizing how much Annie takes care of us. We really are her babies--she defends us like a mother bear!
10. Watching new episodes of House on Hulu. I missed 80% of season five and am now watching season six, so there are a lot of gaps, but it's still fun. Oh, Hugh Laurie. You always make me laugh.

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