Sunday, March 7, 2010

i'm working too many hours...but I'm on spring break!

Nothing could get me down today! I'm on spring break!! Well, technically, I've been on spring break since Thursday afternoon, but I've also worked thirty-three hours since then, so it hasn't really felt like a break yet. Also, on Friday I drove Luke to the airport, then picked him up from the blue line several hours later because he couldn't get a flight, watched a movie and slept over, and took him to the airport again the next afternoon. Then I was at work, then I was asleep, and then it finally felt a little bit like a break. I was able to do some cleaning this afternoon and it was good for my soul.

I'm determined to enjoy this week because after this, my world will most definitely spin out of control. The second half of the spring semester always goes ridiculously fast, what with Easter and all, and this isn't just any ol' last quad--this is my LAST QUAD EVER! I'm graduating!! In roughly two months, I will have a degree. A degree. For real.

So, what am I going to do with this week off? I will be doing spring cleaning, catching up on the piles of homework that I haven't done, and getting ahead on homework for the rest of the semester. Also, I hope to make a dress form and potentially a dress and watch some movies that I actually want to watch, and finish making the yoga mat bag that I've been working on for two weeks now. It's shaping up quite nicely!

Anyway, I should get back to reading and sitting at the boring desk. Toodles!

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