Sunday, June 21, 2009

the view

The view out my window right now is absolutely perfect. I will not take a picture of it because that would just ruin it, but I can describe it to you. I'm looking into my neighbors' backyard, which from here looks slightly overgrown with different kinds of vines and flowers. There is one plant in particular that is climbing up the corner post of the stairs. I can see these cream and burgungy stairs climbing up the back of the apartment building and they're covered in pots full of flowers of all colors--red, yellow, pink. There's a neat little trellis coming off of the second floor porch with more plants hanging off of it, and I can see a tiny peek of a bike wheel. Hanging from this stiarcase are two windchimes which are sitting silently at the moment, waiting for a whisp of wind to set them singing. My favorite part of this whole scene, however, is one small, old-fashioned thermometer. It is round and made of what used to be a silver metal, but is now a bit rusted, and it is hanging dutifully on a hanging post with a curlique end. The sun is setting now on the scene outside my window, and I welcome it. Tomorrow is a new day with fresh sunshine for more gazing.

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