Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Of late, I have been experiencing some difficulty in the way I approach my blog. I went through a period of time in which it was nearly impossible for me to write anything, which does happen on occasion. Later I wondered if I should even continue writing posts because I felt like what I was writing was entirely silly and useless, or worse, whiney and pathetic. However, I've decided that given that my best girlfriends are away for the summer and Luke will be travelling until August, it makes sense to write the occasional post so that my long-distance friends can keep up with me on some level (although certain people who know who they are still need to give me their address so that we can be penpals). That being said, here are some highlights from the past few weeks...

* I got a job working at Magnuson Campus Center Desk. North Parkers will appreciate this, but for those of you who are wondering what a "Magnuson" is, it just means that I am essentially the switchboard operator for the university. I also answer the Security "hot line" and take care of the Campus Center in general. I am actually really enjoying my job because I get to work with really wonderful people (my boss is great, everyone on staff is great, and the security heads are great) and although it seems simple, there is enough to remember that I feel sufficiently challenged. And I get to read and crochet for HOURS.

* I am officially moved out of my parents' house, which is strange and wonderful. It feels really weird to visit them because we both acknowledge that that is indeed what I am doing when I go to their house, but at the same time, I love my apartment and I would much rather live here in the city with my friends than out in the 'burbs with no friends. I love my family very much, but living with them is simply not the same as being around the people who know my present self the best and are intimately acquainted with the goings-on of my life.

* I've decided to become an actual woman and learn how to do things for myself that I've not yet learned. This mainly includes frightening forays into the as of yet unexplored world of cooking. Thus far, I've learned how to cook meat so that it doesn't dry out and how to flavor it properly, and how to make a fantastic alfredo sauce from scratch. Other "womanly" learning that I'm doing includes sewing (which I can do, but don't really on a regular basis), re-learning to knit, repairing my bike by myself, and growing things. I really want to grow herbs to cook with so that I can feed two birds with one loaf.

* I'm planning on reading a lot this summer, but of course I know I won't get through everything that I would like to. That being said, I will certainly make a valiant effort to read as much as possible.

* Luke and I have been dating now for two months and things are going well. As is always the case when two very independent, intelligent, talented people attempt to synch their lives to the same rhythm, we've had our share of issues in the past two months--both externally and internally. None of these issues are insurmountable, however, and I am quite sure that we'll make it through them with God's help and with the aid of our stubborn wills.

* I haven't been to All Saints' on a Sunday in over a month and it's really depressing. I'm glad to be getting back this coming Sunday.

That's all. I'll try to remember to keep everyone posted on the goings-on of my life. In the meantime, I send all my love to my dearest friends. Peace be with you!

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