Thursday, June 11, 2009

crochet joy

Thanks to my (fairly) new job at Campus Center, I have the joy and privilege of crocheting as much as I could possibly want. We're talking hours and hours of crocheting per day. My fingers, wrists, and upper back are unbelievably sore and it's GREAT!

Currently, I'm finishing a rug that will take some more yarn so it's on hold for a bit. Also, I'm working on an afghan for my mother who asks me "When are you going to make something for me?" every time she sees me working on a project--also may take a while since most of it is done in single crochet. And, as if that's not enough, I started what is called a "Metropolitan Wrap", the pattern for which I found in my new pattern book, The Big Book of Crochet! It's done in afghan stitch and I'm not very good at it yet and it really hurts my hands, so that one will also be a long time a-comin'. I've decided that I need to do a couple little projects to give me a feeling of accomplishment--like the hat I made for Luke before he left (five hours) or some socks or fingerless gloves or a dish towel or something.

I'm also thinking that I'll try knitting again. I learned years ago, but I was never any good at it, and I feel like if you're going to be a crocheter, you have to be a knitter just so you can respond to the question "Oh, what are you knitting?" with "Actually, it's crochet, but I do also knit" so that you don't feel like an idiot. Knitting is just too popular. I don't know why more people don't crochet--only one hook! Hello?! And it's much easier to make doilies with crochet, which is why they sell doily thread and call it "crochet thread". So there. ;-)

(No offense to knitters. I know quite a few rather accomplished knitters, and some who also know how to crochet, which I appreciate greatly. There are also many things that are better knit, like socks and scarves.)

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