Tuesday, August 5, 2008

packing, packing, packing galore

Packing like ya neva neva seen bafore!

Okay, so I'm a little tired. I just spend the last two hours packing up my Mom's truck (yes, my MOM's truck) with furniture and anything else that I own that would fit. *sigh* It was truly exhausting, but quite possibly the most intellectually challenging activity in which I've recently participated. Something about all of that organization of three-dimensional objects...it's like Tetris for super-nerds! I was having a blast, and so was my dad, whose help was invaluable.

It's a rather small truck, as far as pick-up trucks go; it's a little Nissan Frontier with a full cab which means, unfortunately, that the bed is a bit smaller. Like, I can barely lie down in it. BUT, inside that teeny little bed we were able to fit my dresser (drawers and funny cabinet thing full of stuff), desk (also full of stuff), dining room table and chairs (table's in pieces), and nearly everything else that I own that's not furniture. Plus a bunch of stuff in the cab.

What we have left to take to Chicago, hopefully on Saturday:
*the big red sectional
*my chair
*the tv stand/entertainment center thingy
*the leaves for the table (unless I can miraculously fit them in the overflowing truck tomorrow morning)
*what little remains of my clothing
I think we might actually be able to do it in the truck, but if not, we'll just take my car up as well. And both of my parents so that the vehicles can be returned to their house. It's so much stuff, but when I think about it, it's basically all the common furniture for the apartment, plus all of my personal furniture and clothing and dishes and books and office supplies and...

This is so fun. Tomorrow is going to ROCK!


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