Friday, August 8, 2008

moving day = really really sore

I feel compelled to recount my moving-day experience from Wednesday. I brought a lot of things to school with me and helped my roommates move in, and it was a blast--and very, very eventful! To set the stage, the plan was for me to come up and start moving people into our third-floor apartment at 4pm, with one of my roommates out of town and the other working at 7pm. The moving "time" was 4-10pm, and I have no idea how anyone thought that four (or five) girls could move into an apartment in six hours...

My family and I packed up the truck Tuesday night in a way that prevented me from being able to use the rearview mirror at ALL, which was a source of anxiety as I drove up. I was able to follow a relatively slow truck that was hauling some sort of liquid, so that was good. I arrived on campus at about 3:20 and took the next ten minutes to get situated in a parking spot with a Beverly Hillbilly truckload of furniture with the bed extended and a bike strapped to the end of that, after which I climbed on top of my dresser and read for about a half hour. Kat went to get checked in at 4pm but it took her nearly a half hour to do that, so we didn't get to move anything in until about 4:45.

Christina came by and helped at this point, but the going was slow. We finally did get all of my junk out of the truck, up the three flights of stairs, and into the apartment. We drove over to the girls' summer place and I went upstairs--I won't share my exact words when I walked in and saw all of the stuff that had to go, but it was something like, "Crap!...OH MY GOSH! CRAP!" Good times. We started reloading the truck but then Christina had to go to work at her other job (one of three, currently) so then it was just me and Kat and Matthew (praise God for Matthew). After we dumped this load in the apartment, Matthew did rounds and Kat and I put some things away to make room for the rest of the stuff, and then we all went to McDonald's for dinner.

At about 8:30 I finally called Jaron to say that we were ready to get Mel's loft out of his storage space, and I went over to the Taj to get it. When I got there, Jaron asked how I was and I had a pounding headache at the time, so we went inside to get some drugs (great apartment, by the way). Well, as goes my relationship with Jaron, we ended up talking for an hour before I asked what time it was, and we could have talked for much longer. So sad that we had to move. =( So we took the loft over and brought it all the way up, at which point I lost my keys.

Jaron checked his pockets, I checked the truck, we all checked the apartment--no keys. We were searching for at least thirty minutes, but likely closer to forty-five, and to no avail. I called my dad at 11:20ish to ask if he could meet us at a halfway point and he grudgingly agreed. We went out to the car to push it into a more appropriate parking space, and Jaron decided to paw through his pockets once more. I was talking to Kat when he said, "Heather, call your dad," and pulled out my keys! I was so happy that I just laughed and hugged him and called my dad, and we all had a good laugh.

By then it was 11:30 and I had already kept Jaron much longer than I should have, and we were supposed to have checked out of the old apartment at 10:00, and there was still a lot more stuff to be moved. Matthew called me and I asked him if everything really needed to be out before we slept, and he said it did. Grr! So, Jaron stuck around (Lord, bless him) and we got the last bits of it with some help from Matthew and Josh, and we were finally finished. It was all over at about 1:15. Christina and Katrina went to sleep and I stayed up and put things away as much as I could, and Christina got up for work around 3:45. I left the apartment at 4:27, arrived home at 5:22, and went to sleep around 5:45am. Two days later I'm sore as can be, and my right leg is very stiff and practically useless. I have muscles hurting that I can't stretch, so I'm off to take a hot bath.

Many thanks to Jaron, Matthew, and Josh for all of their help. We couldn't have done it without you!...I'm never moving again unless all roommates are present. =)


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