Saturday, May 24, 2008

hi there

My, my, it has been a while! It's amazing how busy one can become with work and travel and reading/writing. I just finished an eleven-hour shift at my low-paying grease job, and had hoped to work on my similarly low-paying but much more prestigious writing job, but I think I'm finished for the day. Looks like I'll be getting up early to work on that...but I love to get up early.

I miss my parish. I think it's funny that I now call it "my" parish, as I've only been there two months and it is just about the least likely place for me to go. The last I wrote about All Saints' was after my very first Sunday there, and I am still enthralled. Actually, here is the progression of adjectives: dumbfounded (in a good way), smitten, intensely curious, and romanced. It's a bit of a scary place I'm in since I've found myself thinking and even subconsciously making and defending arguments from an Eastern Orthodox perspective, or at least what I know of it. I miss worshipping in that way...I'll be back soon, I hope. Actually, I think I might be able to go next week if I work out my sleep schedule appropriately (I'm going to a wedding and returning to the city about two hours before the Liturgy...)

Anywho, here is the new plan. My priorities are now as follows (I'm so grateful to have enough to do to NEED priorities): working, writing, administrative duties for Threshold/VIP, reading, and crocheting. This list is obviously not exhaustive, but it consists only of my personal activities, not social engagements. If I were to include those, the list would be ridiculously long. You're probably already bored, so I'll stop now! =)

I shall read so that I can wind down a bit. Until we meet again!


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