Friday, August 6, 2010

ten things thursday: friday edition

Ten things that made me smile this past week:

1. My "little brother" (2yrs) accidentally sent Cindy a blank text message with my phone, which he got a hold of while exploring my room. Tee-hee.
2. Constance and I had a lovely day chatting about everything and looking at knitting and fashion magazines. Also, we folded laundry and did dishes and it was great!
3. My mom likes Bjork. We discovered this in the car on the way to Colorado.
4. Melissa had to do several hilarious things at her bachelorette party last night, most of which were hilarious. And, since all of her friends are really shy and modest, they thought I was hilarious and probably a bit scandalous, so I had fun making them giggle all night.
5. On the second day of my move, last Sunday, I was privileged enough to witness hospitality in several forms. At Reba Place, when Katie and Eric showed up to move in with Luke, a dozen people appeared out of nowhere to help them and we all formed this grand line and passed things into the house. Wow! That's the way to move!
6. My host family. Really, just thinking about them makes me smile ear to ear.
7. I am now living with my fave church knitting buddy, and she's overseeing some educational projects for me, and I'm SO excited!
8. I now also live with two kittens and they are beyond adorable! Siam is definitely my favorite (no offense, Ginger), and the fact that she tolerates my desire to cuddle with her 24/7 makes her officially the best cat ever.
9. Ginger slept with his face in Dennis' shoe for several hours the other day. Cute!
10. I'm reading Wodehouse's Joy in the Morning, one of several Jeeves and Wooster stories, and it's making me laugh over and over again. I love British humour and books that I can just eat up...especially when I know that there are more to come!