Thursday, April 15, 2010

ten things thursday

I missed last week, so if I can come up with extras to put on the list, I'm putting them on the list!

Ten (or more) things that made me smile this week:
1. Emails with Cindy regarding my visit this summer--SWEET! I'm so excited to see Cindy and Kip and go to Alaska!
2. Making plans for post-graduation vacation in Iowa. Basically, I'm going to park my behind in a tree with some books, my beautiful autoharp, and my journal and just while away a whole week of my life in worship and joy.
3. 81-degree weather!!! It's been crazy. It feels like late June but without the crazy humidity, and the amount of sunshine I've been getting has finally balanced my body--I woke up this morning thoroughly happy to be alive!
4. I got a book of prayer shawl patterns to knit and I'm really looking forward to working on them and possibly starting a prayer shawl ministry at Reba Place next year.
5. The slight tinge of pink on my skin from my first (very minor) sunburn of 2010.
6. I'm surprised to put this on the list, but my therapist's new office is really quite nice. The waiting room is a little antiseptic and cold, but her office is really lovely and intimate. It's not as nice as our old space, but I'll take it.
7. 23 days until graduation!
8. Tomorrow and Saturday I'll be at Wheaton College for their annual theology conference with N.T. Wright! I'm shocked at how much I'm geeking out about this given my apathy towards all things academic, but I'm just going to live into it. Book tables, anyone?
9. I loved going to Reba potluck the Monday after Pascha. It's not that I don't like having a seminar at the end of the evening, but it was really lovely to feel like we weren't waiting for the next thing on the program and could just hang out and talk with whoever we happened to be sitting by.
10. Reid, my roommate's adolescent kitten/cat, was attacking my knitting needles yesterday. It was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time!
11. My boss likes to put quotes up on the whiteboard when he's working, and today's cracked me up. "Did you ever notice that when you put 'the' and 'IRS' together, it spells 'THEIRS'?" Happy Tax Day.

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