Friday, April 2, 2010

ten things thursday

Ten things that made me smile this week...

1. I sent Greg an email to let him know that squirrel bow-hunting season opened in Chicago yesterday. He replied, "Oh, good, cuz I got two today and now I know that I can tie them to the trunk of my car and not worry that I've done something wrong!"
2. I finally emailed someone at Reba and got an application for the apprenticeship program--at once thrilling and terrifying.
3. Received Greg's tearful blessing regarding the above-mentioned apprenticeship program.
4. My autoharp. She's a beauty, and I'm having lots of fun figuring out how to make her sing!
5. It has been so incredibly sunny and warm this week, and while I've been oddly busy, the fact that there is sunshine has helped me through this exhausting and glorious Holy Week.
6. I pulled the plastic off of my windows yesterday and the cats are SO HAPPY. They sit in the windows looking out and smelling the air and listening to all of the exciting outside noises!
7. I had lunch yesterday with some ladies from church that I haven't spent time with before, and we had a really good time together. It was just good old-fashioned fellowship.
8. More food! I had dinner last Saturday with Monica, who is proving to be a very good friend. We talked forEVER and probably would have hung out more but I had somewhere to be. Yay, friendship!
9. I heard a woodpecker in the park this morning and my soul rejoiced at that speck of nature in the big city.
10. The babies at church. ;-)

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