Thursday, February 5, 2009


I tripped briskly across the street from my dropping-covered car toward the entrance on the corner. The double doors were spotless and beautifully decorated with a lady's profile. As I entered that delightful place, I was immediately enveloped in a glorious cashmere sweater of sights and smells that I had never before experienced. Such was the immaculate beauty of Julius Meinl.

Cindy took me today. I had never heard of the place, but everyone told me I would love it, and I'm always up for breakfast! It turns out that there are only five of these lovely little tea shops in the whole world, three of which are in Austria and two in Chicago--both relatively close to us. It's so bad. I seriously think that any "extra" money I might come across this semester is most definitely going to Julius Meinl. I think I'm addicted.

It was so beautiful! I had the bacon and swiss quiche and Cindy had fresh fruit (show-off) and fancy toast. It was good food, but the very best part was the Highland Toffee black tea she suggested. It was presented to us in these absolutely adorable teapots with cute little cream pitchers (I don't think that's what they're called, but I have no idea what else it might be) and has been a great source of joy for me this whole day.
I ended up buying a bag of this lovely tea for twenty cents more than I got the pot for...and I'm getting SO much more tea. It really is a good investment. Really.

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