Wednesday, February 18, 2009

epic coincidence

Last night was just full of exciting (and terrifying) surprises. I spent the entire afternoon working on my paper/presentation for my night class because I knew I would be going to dinner with Mary at 5:00. I finally got everything together and made my conference schedule for next week, emailed that to my cooperating professor, and ran over to the BTS office. Upon my arrival, I realized that I had left my laptop at home--kind of necessary for my presentation. So I RAN back to my apartment, got my laptop, and returned to the BTS office.

I was walking up the stairs to get my bag and pick up Mary when I ran into Joel, who said, "So, you're coming to dinner with us, eh?" Somewhat confused, I replied, " Uh...yeah, I guess so." When I got upstairs I gave Mary a quizzical look and she explained that she had gotten us a ride since it didn't make sense for us to go to Dawali and not sit with Joel and Brad. It sounded like a great idea to me, and that is how I ended up having dinner with three BTS professors last night.

The actual dinner was pretty sweet. It was as if my best friends had morphed into professors and we were just continuing our lives as usual. The guys were pretty theologically-focused as usual, with Mary and I commenting now and then, and all the while I was doing my best to redirect conversation a little bit (I have this irrational fear that someone will eventually discover that I never knew what I was talking about this whole time and will thus find me to be unintelligent). We discussed a lot of different things and shared great food together, and it was really fun to watch the three of them interact. There were some silences that I found to be awkward, but that doesn't mean they were awkward for them...I just hope I wasn't inhibiting conversation too much!

So, we all hopped back into Brad's car and made our way to campus. We all went in, including Mary who was not teaching a class, and I was slightly confused about that, but she did a stellar job of distracting me with pictures of her cute little cats. As we were walking up the stairs, Joel left us at the second floor and Brad and Mary and I walked into the classroom. I brilliantly said, "Are you coming to class today, Mary?" to which she replied, "Well, I heard there was going to be this really great presentation tonight" and then something about my reputation preceding me. I was terrified, but it went pretty well and everyone seemed to like it...

All in all, a very interesting evening, full of surprises. I'm interested to see what the backstory is since I didn't get a chance to ask yesterday...but I'll see Mary tomorrow! Haha!

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