Friday, January 30, 2009

Inauguration 2009: Part 2

Okay, I know we're crazy. This is me and Jackie, a friend of mine from the good ol' days at Quizno's. I loved her and convinced her to come to NP with me (though she's transferring to Columbia next year because they have a better journalism program). We have fun together.
We are pictured here together while waiting for our bus to take us back home from DC. We had been standing at the inauguration all day--honestly, I sat down for about five seconds once to take a really cool picture, and that was it from the time I got off the bus to the time I got back on. Jackie and I could not WAIT to get back on that bus. We had had fun in DC, but we were so ready to get back to Chicago...
Wait a minute.
You don't know about DC yet.

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Kurt said...

i can imagine that your legs were probably numb by the time you got on that bus! I am sure it was worth it though... historical event at its finest! I guess what i am saying is that i am a bit jealous of your numb legs if that makes sense. ha!