Monday, May 10, 2010

it's over!

I graduated!

Remember that last post? Yeah, it was a pain, but it all worked out. I graduated two days ago with a Bachelor's of Music in Vocal Performance, pink hood and all. Yay!

It hasn't really set in yet because I didn't have class on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday last semester, so it definitely won't set in until tomorrow, and probably not until Wednesday. I'm leaving for a week in Iowa on Wednesday and I'm SO EXCITED! It's not even my place (it's Luke's) but it really feels like it is. I'm learning my way around the bluffs and the creek and the banks of the Mississippi, and I know where everything is in the cabin's kitchen. It will be a week of relaxation and reading, cooking, and curling up by the fire.

I just know that there is so much to process right now and I'm not ready to really do it yet. I've been slowly noticing little things like a general detachment from the campus, a slight superiority complex when working in the dorm (haha! I graduated...), and noticing the library books on my desk and wondering whether I can still check things out. Last week it finally occurred to me that I won't be working at the Writing Center again nor brown-nosing professors, and I won't have any more lessons with Annie (at least not really).

In the more positive, forward-looking direction, the world is my oyster. I can take my degree and get a job when the economy picks up; I can now say things like, "When I was in college" and "my old college friends"; I no longer have to balance adult life with school life--life will just be life. I can be friends with my favorite professors (or those profs who were never actually mine in the first place), freely seek and pursue a mate, read whatever the hell I want, and go to alumni know, if I were interested, which I'm not. ;-)

While many of my feelings about NPU are tainted at this point with my most recent graduation fiasco and four years of perceived injustices, interpersonal conflicts, embarrassing moments, and growing pains, I know that I will eventually appreciate the good work that God has done in my life these last four years. I'm sure more musings will come, and if I'm accepted at Reba, potentially a new blog detailing my adventures there...

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