Friday, September 4, 2009

a surprise blessing (the best kind!)

Haha! I met with my dearest professor, Helen, yesterday to talk with her about the mess in my head (see previous post). Of course, she was as wonderful as I always expect her to be, and our conversation went something like this:

" I feel like it would really help me to go live in a women's commune for awhile until I get sick of all of the estrogen and go crazy. That would actually help a lot. Other than that, I'm not really sure what to do."
[Helen nods and mmm's in agreement]

"Anyway, I think I might go to my parents' this weekend to try to get away, but I also hate the suburbs so I'm not really sure how helpful that will be...grrr...*general grumbling*"
[Helen looks at me patiently, as always, and then suddenly perks up:]

Helen: "Well, I can offer this to could come to Plow Creek this weekend. Some women at Reba are going for the weekend to this Women's Circle and we're going to learn to butcher and pluck chickens and we'll meditate and just get away and be a bunch of anarchist women. It sounds like that might be helpful to you..."

Me: "Awww! Wow, Helen, that's great. Can you send me the information?"

And so, that is how I came to be frantically preparing for a weekend under the stars. I don't have a tent, nor do I want one, and I don't have a camp stove, but I think Helen might. I'll be spending the weekend living outside and climbing trees, cooking communal meals, and participating in discussion groups with topics such as "Sexuality and Health" and "Faith, Spirituality, and Anarchism". Oh, and there's dancing. So, it's basically perfect.

Anyway, I'm very grateful to my dear Helen for her invitation and her patience and love. She's a pretty great lady.


Cindy said...


I am flying from Alaska to come do that with you. You, plus the Hudge, plus Plow Creek!!!!!!! Have an amazing time! I'll be praying for you, love :)

hrobins said...

Thanks, dear! It was quite a hoot. I'll post soon...I hope...